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How to maintain your beautiful Gel Manicure


How to get the best from your Gel Manicure!

A Gel manicure should last for about 2 weeks and I have given you some handy tips that you can use yourself at home in between appointments to make your gel polish last.

  • Always dry your hands thoroughly paying particular attention to the area surrounding your nails

  • Apply cuticle oil daily to your cuticles and nail plates, even when you are not wearing Gel polish

  • Only file your nails when it is necessary. If you need to, take care to file gently taking the file from the outer side of the nail to middle on either side. This will prevent your nails from splitting and take care to finish filing in a downward direction

  • Get in to the habit of wearing gloves when carrying out general household chores, including any hobbies or jobs that you may need to use harsh chemicals

  • Remember your nails are 'not tools' Use other items, like a pen for instance when opening cans

  • To avoid your Gel manicure fading on holiday, wash any chlorine off your hands after swimming and always dry your nails before sunbathing to avoid discolouration

  • Should you experience any lifting of your Gel polish, please avoid peeling, pulling or picking your nail, Please call to book an appointment

  • A handy little tip to hide grown out gel polish in between appointments, is to add a touch of glitter to the cuticle area of the nail and blend. This can help your Gel manicure last a few more days, and looks really pretty

  • Before your next Gel polish, please book an appointment for a gel removal to ensure no damage occurs on the natural nail

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